Monday, December 23, 2013

Zaria Forman

My friend Caroline actually first discovered and introduced me to this amazing artist and I'm ecstatic she did.  Zaria Forman is the wonderful creator of soft pastels and perfect textural landscapes.  What drew me immediately to her work was her expression of photo-realism in such a soft medium.  I actually studied photo-realism extensively in school but was never was able to master or even enjoy soft pastels.  They were so messy and inaccurate in my limited use of them.  The way Zaria uses them, however, is spectacular.  From far away every detail is picture perfect. And close up?  Rich, silky colors that blend in and out with one another.  Engaging, enchanting, relevant.  I think I must accept Zaria's challenge and try pastels again, and soon.  Isn't her work incredible?  xoxo Agnes


Marg B said...

OMG! How is that even possible?!? Amazing work.