Thursday, December 19, 2013

On The Color Pink

I have a really tepid relationship with the color pink.  It just has too much weird energy around it.  It's been abused and joked about and reinvented and pushed through marketing and just yick.  It's not that I think it's an ugly color; much to the contrary... I think any single color is sort of a neutral until paired with another color.  But whenever I go to pick up something pink from an aisle or a tube of pain in an art store, I always seem to justify putting it back and getting another color that just feels better to me.  So why am I blogging about something as mundane as my discomfort with the color pink?  I think it might just be a life metaphor that applies perfectly to me.  I like things that are familiar and aren't too much work for me emotionally. It's easier to grab for something known when you aren't thinking than put yourself out there and try something more challenging that requires more thought, more vulnerability.  I'm returning to study art and it's humbling to see how little I actually know.  I've studied it for years but I'm literally just grazing the surface.  I shall be painting many things in the near future, and I shall be challenging myself to explore almost everything about art that is a little uncomfortable for me.  I think it's in our openness to be bewildered or afraid or unsure that the birthplace of true creativity and truth are born.   xoxo Agnes  (Post Script: If you're in Dallas, this art store chain is da bomb.)


Charis said...

I LOVE pink! Isn't it funny how we react so differently to different colours?

Marg B said...

Glad to see you are trying new things and putting yourself out there. Bravo! Maybe a predominately pink painting is in your future?