Saturday, December 7, 2013

It's SO Cold

It's been icing and freezing and sleeting and snowing here for the past few days.  It's bizarre and different for this Southern California to Austin and now Dallas girl.  Some places just make sense in the cold.  Although I'm not sure yet this place is one of them, it's super fun and the kids are enjoying making ice snowmen, so I'll roll with it.  And the warm ups by the fire afterwards are even better.
And I'm 100% sure these two places can best be viewed in the cold.  Have you been to either before? One is Big Sur on the California Coast and the other is in the French Alps; Chamonix, France. Although I've seen the first and not the later, I have it on my bucket list for when I visit Europe.  How about you?  Is it feeling wintery where you are?
xoxo Agnes


Jenni Price illustration said...

Keep taking will help you see the "beauty" in Dallas..(eventually). *Smile* It's snowing here too which is kind of early for us. Makes it feel more like Christmas!

MaddyMazeStudio said...

I live about 30 minutes from Big Sur. I love this place and feel so lucky to live here. Maybe someday, I too can get to France.